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IT infrastucture Setup

Whether you need help with managing your Networking and computing platforms, securing your network or managing your application operations, we will deliver a flexible solution.

Industry Automation Solutions

Digital Kashmir’s industry automation solutions provide the organization with seamless operations that improve plant efficiency and performance.


Digitization of data not only makes it easy to search and manage records, but also gives the advantage of a backup on virtual servers as a security contingency.

IT Infrastructure Solutions
Software Solutions
Industry Automation
Consulting & Managed Solutions
About us

Digital Kashmir is an IT service company with a specialized focus on IT infrastructure setup and maintenance. With this, we provide ERP implementation and other industry automation solutions, IT Maintenance services and other consulting based services. We also provide data digitization services for our clients.

IT infrastructure

Whether it is setting up the IT infrastructure of a small/mid-size or a very large corporation, our team has the skills to set up for you an office with the latest technology so you can focus on doing your work better.

Maintenance Contracts

Having an on-site technical person is not an expense that non-IT firms need to have. A quick maintenance call will take care of your IT problems. Our skilled staff are able to troubleshoot, and maintain your equipment and systems without you having to worry about it

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