We advise businesses on how best to embrace information technology to meet their business objectives. In addition to providing advice, IT consultancies often estimate, manage, implement, deploy, and administer IT systems on businesses’ behalf, known as outsourcing.


The four basic principles of IT consulting are:

  • Focus on the relationship: Understanding the personality and expectations of client, client organization and all other stakeholders
  • Clearly defined role: Defined roles and responsibilities for both clients, other stakeholders and consulting team
  • Visualize success: Helping the client see the end at the beginning
  • You advise, they decide: Client is the best person to decide



Digital Kashmir offers it services to build computing systems for clients by combining hardware and software products from multiple vendors. Using our integration services a company can align low cost, pre-configured components and off-the-shelf hardware / software to meet key business goals, as opposed to more expensive, customized implementations that may require original programming or manufacture of unique components. Creation of these information systems may include designing or building a customized architecture or application, integrating it with new or existing hardware, packaged and custom software, and communications infrastructure.



We offer Solutions to our clients for the following:

Network infrastructure design:

We have the exposure and experience with many clients on their network architectures, designs and configurations. This puts us at an advantage in designing a optimum and stable, long-lasting network infrastructure that will be invaluable as your organization begins to overlay additional services or applications. Whether you’re redesigning for wireless, preparing for software-defined networking (SDN) or simply expanding your virtualized environments, designing by these rules will increase the stability, manageability and security of your network.

Data Storage Design:

“By listening to our customers’ business needs and challenges and implementing the right services and support, we can accelerate the achievement of their goals and modernise their data and information environment.

Delivering modern data management systems which extends to state-of-the-art support processes and a fast-growing professional and consulting services practice that enables global customers to lower data management costs, mitigate business and compliance risks, and improve a faster access to information.

Architecture Design :

provides executive level assessment and guidance for modernising clients’ backup and recovery, archive and records retention strategies.

  • Disaster Recovery Readiness Design – helps clients improve business resiliency, reduce costs, and increase flexibility by assisting them with building business-aligned, multi-site DR architecture and implementation plans.
  • Data Classification & Archive Policy Design – synthesises legacy archive strategies with current business, compliance, records retention, and e Discovery requirements to help transform a client’s traditional operation into an intelligent archive.
  • Electronic Records Management Design – provides assessment to assist with designing and recommending technical and business requirements for records retention management and potential eDiscovery actions.

Cloud storage Design :

In today’s mobile environment, information can be easily accessed with a simple press or click of a button.. This innovation is particularly helpful to those people who manage massive amounts of data but doesn’t want to deal with bulky equipment and messy cable connections. Designers are a good example of this kind of consumers. They have huge storage requirements due to the type of files that they handle and at the same time they need an easy and convenient way of retrieving those files in case they need to create or present a design on the fly.

The current approaches in the marketplace have limitations. For their personal content, customers will choose the cloud that most seamlessly connects today’s files with tomorrow’s modern device and app experiences.